* Are the shades made with real glass?

 All products are made of genuine hand rolled art glass and created with the same care and dedications as the original masterpieces

* Why does the shade / glass sounds like plastic?

 As the glass is in small pieces and enclosed in lead it has a artificial sound. But it is definitely genuine glass.

* The glass has a oily finish.
 Before transport the tiffany shades / panels get a oily finish to prevent oxidation during transport. You can polish it with a dry cloth. 

* Where can we see the lamps in the UK

We don’t have a selling point or wholesaler in the UK. We only sell through our webshop.

You can always return the item when you are not satisfied. (return transportation fee is on your account).

If you have further questions, or would like to know more details or see other pictures, please let us know

* The fitting doesn't work

It can be, that in the fitting the bulb doesn’t make contact.

You can try the following. Please make sure that the lamp is unplugged!
In the fitting you can see a small metal pin. You can bend it a little towards the inside with a small screwdriver.

* The system says "no shipping to this postal code"

Please fill in your postal code with a space, f.e. IP7 7QP

* What the table lamp bases are made from?

That depends on the type of base. They are made of resin, metal or bronze. If you inform us what base you're interested in, we can give you more details.